A simple image upload server with a JSON API. It was originally designed for mauCapture, but the second version has an open API. A frontend demo for the search system can be found from


A screenshot program written in Java. Supports editing images with simple tools and can export the screenshot in various ways, including upload to Imgur or mauImageServer and copy to clipboard.

X11 (Linux) macOS & Windows Archive


An URL shortening backend written in Go. Has some extra features like creating and shortening LMGTFY links. The frontend for the official mau\Lu instance can be found from


A simple paste system. The official frontend can be found at, but mauPaste itself is not yet completed.


A simple program that generates bash functions that act like advanced aliases. It supports simple if/else blocks, argument aliasing and argument inserting.



A fork of Johan Venant's passff that supports an external URL -> password entry mapping.



A text-based Minecraft modpack manager written in Go. goPack definitions use a fairly simple JSON format and can be hosted anywhere.

Debian Package Linux Windows Archive

Bukkit Plugins

I no longer maintain my public plugins, but some of them can still be downloaded from
The sources for nearly all my public plugins are available from
All the plugins and sources linked in this box are licensed under the MIT license.