Hi, I'm

I code things for fun. I started with Java in order to make Bukkit/Spigot plugins and Forge mods. I also made some desktop programs, such as mauCapture. More recently I've also used Golang, Python and JavaScript. You can find all my public projects from GitHub See the Contact section for my contact information.

Some of my work:


A screenshot program written in Java. Supports editing images with simple tools and can export the screenshot in various ways, including upload to Imgur or mauImageServer and copy to clipboard.


A web-based IRC client with a far nicer UI than most other IRC clients. mauIRC communicates with a custom bouncer written in Golang. Currently work-in-progress. Contact me if you want to test it.


A text-based Minecraft modpack manager written in Go. goPack definitions use a fairly simple JSON format and can be hosted anywhere.